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Highland Park SVEIN 1 Liter
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Highland Park SVEIN 1 Liter Herkunft: Orkney Inseln / Schottland Geschmack: Rauchig mit einer Spur Vanille. Seinen Namen erhält dieser Whiky v...

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Stand: 01.07.2019
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Highland Park Svein Single Malt Scotch Whisky /...
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Single Malt Whisky mit 40 % Vol. In Sherry-Fässern aus amerikanischer Eiche gelagert Kraftvolle Noten von Crème Brûlée in Torfrauch gehüllt Ananas- und Orangen-Aromen, torfig-würziger Abgang Aus der Highland Park Warrior Series Herstellungsland: Schottland Lebensmittelunternehmer: Highland Park - Holm Road - Kirkwall KW15 1SU - Vereinigtes Königreich Deklaration: Whisky

Stand: 20.11.2018
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Highland Park Svein Island Whisky 40% 1,0l (35,...
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Highland Park Svein Island Whisky 40% 1,0l (35,50 € pro 1 l)

Anbieter: RumundCo
Stand: 14.09.2017
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Viking Britain: An Exploration , Hörbuch, Digit...
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A new narrative history of the Viking Age, interwoven with exploration of the physical remains and landscapes that the Vikings fashioned and walked: their rune stones and ship burials, settlements and battlefields. To many, the word Viking brings to mind red scenes of rape and pillage, of marauders from beyond the sea rampaging around the British coastline in the last gloomy centuries before the Norman Conquest. And it is true that Britain in the Viking Age was a turbulent, violent place. The kings and warlords who have impressed their memories on the period revel in names that fire the blood and stir the imagination: Svein Forkbeard and Edmund Ironside, Ivar the Boneless and Alfred the Great, Erik Bloodaxe and Edgar the Pacifier, amongst many others. Evidence for their brutality, their dominance, their avarice and their pride is still unearthed from British soil with stunning regularity. This is not, however, the whole story. In Viking Britain, Thomas Williams has drawn on his experience as project curator of the major international exhibition Vikings: Life and Legend to show how the people we call Vikings came not just to raid and plunder but to settle, to colonise and to rule. The impact on these islands was profound and enduring, shaping British social, cultural and political development for hundreds of years. Indeed, in language, literature, place names and folklore, the presence of Scandinavian settlers can still be felt, and their memory - filtered and refashioned through the writings of people like J. R. R. Tolkien, William Morris and G. K. Chesterton - has transformed the Western imagination. This remarkable new audiobook draws upon new academic research and first-hand experience, drawing deeply from the relics and landscapes that the Vikings and their contemporaries fashioned and walked: their rune stones and ship burials, settlements and battlefields, poems and chronicles. The audiobook offers a vita 1. Language: English. Narrator: Richard Trinder. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 26.06.2019
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